Saturday, March 12, 2022

Strangers are welcomed to the wild and wooly west


The men shook hands, the Irishman enthusiastically, the New Yorker somewhat hesitatingly, and the girl just nodded politely and examined the two deputies with obvious curiosity. Her father explained that the whole family had come to San Francisco by train; then he and his daughter had come down to Mojave, and by stage to Los Angeles to take a look at the real estate opportunities he had read so much about back in Chicago.

Mr. Levitz explained vaguely that he was on his way to join his brothers who were in some sort of financial business in Los Angeles.

Wonderful, thought Cal. Just what we needed: another real estate sharp and another shylock. But he gave them all his Welcome to California smile, especially Miss Peggy Brannigan.

Then the coach lurched forward and the guard leaned down and shouted through the window on Clyde’s side. “I put an old poncho on your friend up here. I know you boys wouldn’t want him to catch cold.”

“Thank you,” said Clyde. “Much appreciated.” He started to add something, then thought better of it and smiled innocently.

The realtor pointed towards the roof. “Who’s the bad man?”

Cal said, “Ah just another Calabasas hard case tryin’ to discourage real estate sales around here.”

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